City of Norwich School


Current Governors

Name Role Appointed Appointed by Term
Ms Jo Philpott Headteacher/Staff Governor 1st Sept 2017 OAT Ongoing term
Ms Christine Brown Community Govenor 1st Sept 2018 OAT 4 year term
Mr David Richardson Community Governor 1st Sep 2016  OAT  4 year term
Mr Alan Du Rieu Community Governor 2nd Nov 2016  OAT  4 year term
Mr Paul Fisher Chair of Governors 1st Sept 2014 OAT 4 year term

Mr Mark Bloomfield

Staff Governor 17th Sept 2018 OAT 4 year term

Ms Frances Anderson

Staff Governor 17th Sept 2018 OAT 4 year term

Mr James Montgomery

Parent Governor 25th Sept 2018 OAT 4 year term

Ms Emma Grafton

Clerk to Governors 4th Sept 2018    


Finance and General Purpose 8 Governors, Chair: 
Teaching and Learning 8 Governors, Chair: David Richardson
Co-Curriculum 7 Governors, Chair: 
Steering 6 Governors, Chair: Paul Fisher
Strategic Progress Board 3 Governors, Chair: 
Appeals Panel 5 Governors, Chair:
Exclusion Panel 5 Governors, Chair: Christine Brown
Governors available for interviews Christine Brown, Paul Fisher, David Richardson
Pay Panel 3 Governors, Chair: Paul Fisher

Meetings attended

Governor meeting attendance 2017-2018

Governor meeting attendance 2016_17

Governor Meeting Attendance, 2015-2016


Disclosed business and pecuniary interests of Governors

Jo Philpott Nothing to disclose
Paul Fisher Lay Member for Audit and Governance, Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group
Christine Brown Volunteer Referral Panel Member, Norfolk Youth Offending Team Trustee, Henderson Trust.

Alan du Rieu  

 Nothing to disclose

David Richardson Trustee at Inclusive Schools Trust

OAT Scheme of Delegation

Please click on the link to access the OAT Scheme of Delegation: Ormiston Academy Trust Scheme of Delegation

Contact Emails

Headteacher Jo Philpott: (Kariann Ellis, PA)

Chair of Governors Paul Fisher:

Clerk to Governors Emma Grafton: