City of Norwich School

Guidance Days

On the 30th November 2017 students will be experiencing Guidance Day 2, where each year will focus on a different range of experiences that support their wider personal development.

Year 7

 Will be looking at healthy lifestyles with an inspirational guest speaker, as well as supporting sessions on internet safety and well-being.

Year 8

An introduction to careers and work skills.  This will include enterprise skills workshops, registration and use of the 'Start' careers website, and tutor-led support.

Year 9

Sex and relationships education, led by Mancroft Advisory Project and Drugs education delivered by the Matthew Project.

Year 10

The World of Work.  Some groups will be completing the Young Enterprise Learn to Earn project, and some students will be working with our alumni network, led by Future First.

Year 11

'Road to Success'.  Led by MOCO and supported by a range of local employers, students will experience the recruitment and selection process, culminating in interview practice and feedback, with one of the employers.

6th Form

Students will be planning next steps and developing life skills through workshops in school.