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DofE publish story of two CNS students

DofE have recently published a story (below) featuring two CNS Sixth Form students, Maud and Emily.  The  story showcases how fantastic participating in DofE is. Well done to Maud and Emily and to all the other students who take part in DofE each year and who give so much to the community through their involvement.



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6 February at 10:20 ·                                                          

Maud and Emily had only shared a few classes together before being partnered up to share a tent on their DofE expedition. Both girls didn’t really know each other and being only 14 years old, they both felt a little awkward and shy about sharing with someone they didn’t know. However they soon realised they had similar interests and sense of humour. The girls had to spend a lot of concentrated time together which meant there were times they had to compromise to get along, but they both now feel this strengthened their friendship, as well as providing them time to get to know each other on deeper levels.

Maud is proud of her achievement and says “DofE, whilst frustrating and tricky at times, is brilliant. There is nothing more rewarding than reaching the top after hossing up a hill with a massive backpack and your best pals.”

The girls have an abundance of incredible memories from their DofE, including a 5:30am start each morning! With a quick turnaround of just 30 mins, the team felt that the early start gave them great morale and really helped them bond. By using their DofE experiences as common ground, the girls made some long lasting friendships with DofE groups from across the country whilst on expedition.

Both Maud and Emily have taken a lot from their DofE Emily says “ I was really competitive, before DofE and thought that to succeed I had to be the best, DofE made me realise that even if I was the slowest and weakest who was the worst at map reading I still had so much to be proud of.” Maud adds “Generally, I seek to be the leader in situations however DofE made me realise that it’s okay to take a backseat. I always tend to rush things and am constantly involving myself in projects, but DofE taught me how to prioritize and the expeditions showed me how much I enjoy being in the peace of nature.”

Both girls conclude with a triumphant “We love DofE”