City of Norwich School

Greenpower F24 electric car challenge

A group of 15 Year 9 students have recently started a project with Ms Khan called 'Greenpower'.  Here, one of the students gives a write up on their progress so far: 

We have to build and design an electric race car. On June 8th we will be racing against other teams at the Lotus racetrack in Hethel.  Not only do we have to make a car, we have to make and design outfits, fundraise, calculate aerodynamics to help the speed of the car and a lot more.

So far, we have started to build the frame of the car and are designing the body. The textiles team have designed the outfits and have decided what they need to order. The project managers are organising a meeting with the headteacher to discuss fundraising.

The team are working really hard to have everything done for the deadlines but have started to realise how much of a challenge this will be!

Mia Gibson, Social Media Lead on Greenpower CNS