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Sixth Form News and Trips

Don Giovanni: A Trip to the Opera


On Thursday the 24th November the CNS 6th form music students from both years 12 and 13 went to see the Glenborough Opera company’s production of Don Giovanni “behind the curtain."


Don Giovanni is an opera written by W.A. Mozart with words by Lorenzo Da Ponte about a promiscuous nobleman called Don Giovanni who seduces Donna Anna whose father then finds them and challenges Don Giovanni to a duel which he ultimately loses and he dies by the hands of Don Giovanni. The rest of the plot is based on Donna Anna trying to find the killer of her father and Don Giovanni having many affairs on the way whilst simultaneously getting his comic sidekick Leporello in some serious trouble.


As this was a “Behind the Curtain Show” we got the whole opera broken down into a way we could understand and we also looked at many of the elements involved in an opera such as the music and how that relates to the storyline and the different types of characters. As well as this, members of the cast and crew gave us their insight into what opera is to them which also included a talk from the conductor in the pit Pablo Gonzalez.


After the interval, we witnessed the gory grand finale where Don Giovanni receives his comeuppance in the form of a demon dragging him to hell, which included all members of the cast and chorus accompanied by a brilliant orchestra only feet away from us in the pit. These elements combined nicely together to provide a brilliant final spectacle as well as a good introduction to opera for many of us.


Written by Ciaran Skipper