City of Norwich School

Sixth Form results

City of Norwich School celebrates record A Level results with 3 A* Hannah's and two successful Oxbridge students. 

Students at City of Norwich School, An Ormiston Academy celebrated record A level results, with two students securing places at Oxbridge and nearly a third of those choosing university going on to study at elite Russell Group Universities. 15 students achieved  3 or more A or A* grades. 

The percent of A-levels graded A*-C is 73% from a very large sixth form cohort. 

The percent of A-levels graded A*-A is 20%

The percent of A-levels graded A*-B is 50%

We are delighted with our results which include many individual success stories at all levels reflecting our comprehensive ethos. My thanks to our magnificent sixth form students who bring so much to the school, to our superb teachers for their commitment and dedication, to our parents for their continued support and our Governors who give so much of their own personal time for the benefit of our youngsters. It's been another excellent year!"  

Jim Nixon, Headteacher

 Eddie Milne-Brown

Congratulations to Eddie Milne-Brown, a Sixth Form Head of House who achieved 1 A* and 2 A's in English, History and Maths. He is going to read English at Oxford University.

 Fraser Ulph

Fraser (pictured here with Ms.Blake) achieved 2 C's in Law and Philosophy and has been offered a place in Business Management at the Anglia Ruskin University.  

Fraser chose CNS sixth form to make a fresh start and thanks the staff for supporting him. 

My parents will be very proud, I would not still be here if it wasn't for the staff helping me to achieve this.

3 A* Hannah's

  From left to right:Hannah Huzel-Steele from Norwich acheived A*s in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature.  She is going to read Human Social and Political Science at Queen's College, Cambridge.

Hannah Chamberlin from Norwich achieved 3 A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics and an A in Chemistry. She is going to read Maths and Physics at the University of Manchester where Physics TV star Brian Cox teaches.

Hannah Cole from Norwich achieved 3 A* in Geography, Psychology, English Literature and a B in Biology. She is going to read Geography at Durham University. 

I have really enjoyed my time at CNS sixth form. Everyone is really friendly and supportive."