City of Norwich School

Pastoral Care and Managers

At CNS, we have a Pastoral Manager for each House. They are available to students, parents/carers and staff. They bring together and act on information received from students, parents/carers and teachers as well as from outside agencies such as the Schools medical and psychological services.

The pastoral team are here to support your child's wellbeing and welfare. Any concerns about behaviour, bullying or uniform should be directed to the pastoral team manager for your child's house.

Kelling Pastoral Manager Kate Jones
Blakeney Pastoral Manager Gina Summerskill
Winterton Pastoral Manager Carol Palmer
Thornham Pastoral Manager Dawn Foreman
Holkham Pastoral Manager Matt Cox
Sixth Form Pastoral Manager Sharon Moncur-Pearce

Senior Pastoral Manager Sophia Elsegood:

Mrs.Elsegood oversees the Pastoral Team with additional responsibility for behaviour rooms, alternative educational placements and links to other professionals.  The role coordinates the Pastoral Care at CNS ensuring a consistent and fair approach within a nurturing environment to allow students to access their education and progress with any additional support they may need.