City of Norwich School


School Access Control

Access control has been in place for a year now and to complete the process, the school gates will be active from Monday December 10th 2018.  This means the gates will be closed during the school day with access and exit available as required.

If you arrive to school in your car during the school day, there is a portal on the right hand side of the driveway.  Please press the buzzer which will register in reception.  To ensure that reception staff can follow the safeguarding procedures, if they have not been notified of your visit, there may be a delay whilst they obtain clarification.  If you are a parent, carer or registered on the student’s information in school, reception will quickly be able to access this information and open the gates for you.

The gates will open inwards towards the school and will allow you to drive through.  If you are leaving school during the school day, approach the gates slowly and stop in the clearly marked ‘stop’ area and wait for the gates to open.  Please note that we will not allow access to the school site between 3pm and 3.15pm, to allow a safer exit for our students.

Our aim is to maintain the professional and welcoming establishment that is CNS, whilst increasing the safeguarding of our students and staff.

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