City of Norwich School


You may be aware that from May 25th 2018, the rules around data protection changed. The 'General Data Protection Regulation' (GDPR) has changed how we store and process your personal data to keep it safe and will also strengthen your rights over your own data. Whilst it is similar to the Data Protection Act in many ways, there are a few differences, so we have had to make some changes at the school in order to ensure we remain compliant and to make sure sensitive or private information about yourselves and your children stays safe.

One of the changes we have made is to update our privacy notice, a copy of the statement can be found on our school website here.

As part of our work to comply with the GDPR, we are also seeking your consent to be able to share newsletters and information regarding school events.  We may use different methods of communication to do this including email, letter, post and telephone. 

We invite you to give your consent and opt into our communication by clicking HERE. 

If you have any questions about how the GDPR affects you, or how our school is preparing, you can contact reception who will send your enquiry to the GDPR team.

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