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Home Learning

From Monday 11th January, Year 7-10 students home learning is via live lessons online. These lessons will take place on Microsoft Teams, and students will follow their usual timetable of lessons as they did in Term 1. These live lessons will be the main form of home learning and replace all elements that students have used previously.

A guide for home learning can be found here:

Guide to home learning – updated Friday 29th January 

This document sets out the key information for parents about our remote learning provision.

Home Learning during phased return: Friday 5th March to return to in-school lessons


During the period of phased return to school from Friday 5th March until the day students return to school for full lessons, for home learning there are no further live online lessons. During these few days, students will have downloadable resources and assignments on Teams for each lesson in line with their regular timetable. For each lesson on your timetable, log in to your class Teams page for details of the home learning. This learning can be completed flexibly and at a time to suit families - it does not need to be completed during the usual lesson time slots.


Overview of live lessons




How to join a live lesson on Teams – a step by step guide



 Quick guide and quick links

Key points for home learning are noted here, with full details explained in the subsequent sections.


  • Timetable: Online lessons follow students’ Term 1 timetable, with 3 lessons per day for main school.
    • Period 1: 8:50-10:20am
    • Break: 10:20-10:50am
    • Period 2: 10:50am-12:20pm
    • Lunch: 12:20-13:10pm
    • Period 3: 13:10-14:40pm
    • Period 4: 15:00-16:00pm [Sixth Form only]
  • Software: Online lessons are on Microsoft Teams, which is secure and free for all students to use [see below for guides on how to download]
  • Shortcut to a student’s timetable Click on a lesson to open the Teams page for that subject
  • Shortcut to a student’s Calendar Click on a lesson to open the Teams page for that subject Lessons should appear in the calendar as appointments.

Technical help and guides

If you do not have a device or have technology concerns, please contact the school and we’ll look to help.

How to access Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams can be installed on a PC, Mac, laptop, phone or tablet, and can be accessed via a browser on a chromebook or on a gaming console.

There are three ways to access Microsoft Teams:

Home Learning FAQs

How should we structure the home learning? Live lessons online follow students’ usual timetable, which can be found here The times of the lessons are as follows, but students will not be online for the entire period.

Period 1: 8:50-10:20am

Break: 10:20-10:50am

Period 2: 10:50am-12:20pm

Lunch: 12:20-13:10pm

Period 3: 13:10-14:40pm

Period 4: 15:00-16:00pm [Sixth Form only]

We need the password resetting to access the school site and resources. If students have any problems with usernames/ passwords, please contact or if you can not access email please call the school office.

Where do I do the work? Students should have their exercise book at home and therefore should complete the work in their exercise books. Alternatively they can use lined paper or type them in to a Word document and save your work, but the work is designed to be completed in exercise books.

What do I need to hand in for marking and how will I get feedback? Teachers will give details in lessons of what needs to be handed in or submitted. Often this will involve handing in work or submitting answers to questions via Microsoft Forms. Teachers will use the work they receive to offer feedback either to the whole class or to individuals depending on the subject and nature of the work.

I don’t have a printer at home – do we need one? The home learning is designed to be completed without any printing and we would discourage any printing of resources. Students should be able to complete the home learning directly in their exercise books.

My child is nervous about appearing on screen. Do they need to be on camera? Students can join online lessons with their camera turned off. They will be expected to participate in the lesson fully: at times in lessons students may be asked to answer questions as they would in school either by talking or typing answers.

My child doesn’t have computer access – what should we do? Students will need a device and internet connection in order to access the home learning. The resources can be access from any device with an internet connection, including PCs, laptops, tablets and phones, chromebooks, and even games consoles that have a browser. If you do not have a device or have technology concerns, please contact the school and we’ll look to help.

I need technical help with the software. Please see the guides above.