City of Norwich School

Home Learning

This document sets out the key information for parents about our remote learning provision.

How will home learning work if my child or a group of children need to self-isolate?

Year 7-11: Each subject area has uploaded materials to support home learning and these can be accessed via the CNS student page (see full details below).  

The materials have been designed by subject teachers to ensure learning parallels what students would be learning in school and includes a range of links to resources and online materials. The materials are all designed to be used without the need for any printing: students will need access to a computer and the school site, and students should complete the learning in their subject exercise books as they would in class, or on paper. We recommend students c follow the daily timetable, and that they bring the work into school when they return. Each subject includes the email address of a teacher to contact if help is needed.  

To access the learning for each subject, students should follow these steps: 

  1. Go to  
  2. Students will need to use their school username and password to access the page. If you need any help with the username or password please contact or telephone the school office. 
  3. Click on the icon labelled Student Isolation Work or use this direct shortcut This will open a folder of learning resources for the week, and the appropriate year group folder and subject folders can then be found. Resources will outline the learning activities and what students should complete. They also include the email address of a teacher to contact if they need help.  

Year 12-13: Students should email their individual class teachers who will be able to share resources and materials to ensure continuity of curriculum and learning. 

How will home learning work if a whole year group is required to self-isolate?

In such a situation, the school will take the same approach as during January-February 2021.

Year 7-11: Lessons will move to a combination of online lessons using Microsoft Teams and some independent work within each lesson. Microsoft Teams is a secure program that students can access using any device or browser. Lessons will follow your child’s usual timetable of three lessons per day. Each lesson will start with 20-30 minutes taught by their teacher online; students then apply that learning in independent tasks for the remainder of the lesson. Students will hand in work via Microsoft Teams for teachers to read and give whole class feedback. Using this approach means students can get help from their teachers and continue with their learning from home.

Year 12-13: Students will initially receive home learning directly from their teachers on ShowMyHomework/ Satchel:One, and we will launch online lessons on Microsoft Teams across the first week following the same timetable as in school.