City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 8th January 2021

Welcome to the spring term at CNS. It has been a tumultuous few weeks and rapid changes have been made quickly and effectively to get the term started for all members of our school community. The vast majority of our students are learning from home and we will have all lessons live by Monday 11th January. This has been an immense team effort and I cannot thank my colleagues enough for all their work in making learning possible for everyone. We are rapidly preparing additional devices and working through technical difficulties to support this further and I am grateful to parents for their patience as we resolve any challenges. We again ask for your patience next week as we move a further four year groups online, which will inevitably bring technical problems and we will respond to these queries as quickly as possible. It is important we all remain connected to CNS as well as each other, and students following their normal timetable is the most effective means of achieving this. 

Last night we held an incredibly positive virtual Year 11 Parents' Evening which was very timely with recent announcements around GCSEs. Our core message to students and families is to keep engaged in learning for its own value, as preparation for next steps and for assessing of final grades.  

We have a significant and growing number of children in school as the criteria for in school provision is wider than the first lock down. All vulnerable children are expected to be in school, with children of critical worker families on a needs basis. Please can critical worker families use in school provision as a last resort in order that we can fully accommodate both vulnerable children and remote learning. High numbers of children in school will present a public health risk and lead to a reduction in remote lessons as more teachers will be needed in school. Thank you for supporting this in what is a very challenging time for so many families. 

I wish everyone health and happiness for 2021 and hope the year proves to be a positive one for you all. 

Jo Philpott 

Twitter: @head_cns_school