City of Norwich School

Staff list and contacts

The Sixth Form Leadership Team

 Ms K Nichols

Assistant Head  Teacher, Director of Sixth Form and Acting Deputy Head Teacher 

 Ms M Cook

Sixth Form Progress Co-ordinator   

Head of Year 12 (CNS Oxbridge Programme)


 Ms R Quinton

Year 12 Pastoral & Attendance Manager


 Mr G Moss

Sixth Form Progress  Co-ordinator

Head of Year 13 (Enrichment   Programme)

 Ms C King

Year 13 Pastoral &    Attendance Manager 

 Mrs K Blake

 Post 16 Student   Services Manager


We are committed to ensuring a positive, supportive and learning-focused community in which all our students thrive.

Sixth Form Reception:

01603 274060

Absence Lines:

Year 12 and 13: 01603 274072