City of Norwich School

Head and Deputy Head Students

Every year, CNS appoints new Head Students from Year 13 and Deputy Head Students from Year 11 to represent the school and to work closely with the Headteacher. 

"The role is to be involved across the community, raise the profile of the school, equip the students better for their chosen pathways and create opportunities other students can aspire to. I look forward to closely working with the chosen students.”

Jo Philpott, Headteacher

Head Students


Congratulations to Mabel Lea, Justin Podlipskij and Mimi Ronson who were all selected for the roles of Head Students for 2022-23.

Mabel Lea

Hi :) I'm Mabel and I'm a Year 13 at CNS, studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I'm really excited to be an uplifting student voice as it's something I'm really passionate about!

My Legacy Project is going to be centered around the Expect Respect group that I helped set up at the beginning of the year. We tackle mostly gender-related issues around school, such as harmful sexual behaviours, period poverty and gender representation in curriculums.

My main aim will be to include main school students in our future projects so that we can be more of a whole-school group rather than exclusively sixth form.

Justin Podlipskij

Hi. I'm Justin. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths A-Levels. As well as an EPQ.

My goal as a head student is to accelerate the promotion of languages here at CNS. Often their value is overlooked, despite massively increasing knowledge, communication, cultural understanding and life skills.  I also like rocks.

I hope to be a friendly and approachable head student, so if you have any questions or suggestions email me. 


Mimi Ronson

Hi, I’m Mimi and I’m a newly-appointed Head Student at CNS! I study English Literature, History and Spanish (and EPQ)

As a Head Student, I aim to focus on achieving my legacy project of inspiring diversity in the school community - through co-curricular (like the book club I run studying diverse perspectives in literature) but also through the way we interact with our learning and addressing whether it reflects how diverse our society truly is. It’s small steps and I think student input in maintaining an open and accepting environment is absolutely key.

I hope to act as a devoted, outgoing and approachable member of school leadership, reflecting student voice in every way I can!

Deputy Head Students


Three Deputy Head Students from Year 11 have been appointed to support the leadership. Well done to Minnie Harrington, Edi Lea and Ben Quinton.      

Minnie Harrington


Hi, I'm Minnie, I am in Thornham and I chose triple science, history, and drama for my GCSE options.  My main aim as a deputy head student is to help improve harmful language used around school.  



Edi Lea


Hi, I'm Edi, I am in Winterton and I chose triple science, history and product design as my GCSE options.  My main focus as a deputy head student is widening the diversity of literature in our curriculum. 



Ben Quinton


Hi, I'm Ben.  I am in Winterton and I chose triple science, computer science and food tech for my GCSE options.  My main goal as a deputy head student is to help bring mutual respect and equality to all members of the school. 




Well done to all the students who will now represent City of Norwich School in a leadership role.