City of Norwich School

Head Students

Every year, CNS appoints new Head Students from Year 13 to represent the school and to work closely with the Headteacher.

The role is to be involved across the community, raise the profile of the school, equip the students better for their chosen pathways and to create opportunities other students can aspire to. I look forward to closely working with the chosen students.” Jo Philpott, Headteacher

Head Students

Congratulations to Tiegan Wilkinson, Posy O'Rourke and Michael Milne-Brown who were all selected for the roles as Head Students for 2019-20.


                  Tiegan Wilkinson                               Posy O'Rouke                           Michael Mine-Brown



Two Deputy Head Students from Year 11 have been appointed to support the leadership. Well done to Harley Cozens and Jake Cutter.



                                   Flora Pechey                                  Aravind Sundaresan




Heads and Deputy Heads of House

The following students have also been appointed as Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House for   2019-20:

Paris Canham, Christopher Brooke, George Potter and Shelley Sullivan represent Blakeney

Juno Bain, Lohit Kannan, Sam Johns and Samantha Melton represent Holkham

Harlie Cozens, Will Dingle, Lily Hollett and James Taggart represent Kelling

Jake Cutter, Micky Gurney, Evie Hards and Hannah Cockrell represent Thornham

Amber Elliott, Ben Searcy, Annabelle Patterson and Joshua Wright represent Winterton.


Well done to all the students who will now represent City of Norwich School – An Ormiston Academy in a leadership role.