City of Norwich School



New Summer Co-Curricular Timetable 2017

Co-Curricular Timetable Summer Term 2017

Cello Group Mrs Stowell Room 204 8.15-9am All  
Guitar Group Mr Torn Room 204 12.20-2pm All  
Theatre Book Club Ms Carr Room 213 1.20-2pm Y10-13  
Flute Choir Mrs Evans Room 203 1.20-2pm All  
Girls Cricket Mr Watson Sports Hall 1.20-2pm Y7-9  
Tennis Mr Pratt Courts 1.20-2pm All  
Duke of Edinburgh (Silver and Gold) Mr Lee Room 26 and 27 1.20-2pm Y10-Y13

£16 Registration 

Ensemble Skills (Mentoring) Mr Sunderland Room 204 3.05-4.15pm All  
String Trio/Quartet Mr.Sunderland Room 204 3.05-4.15pm Y7-9  


Saxophone Choir - advanced Mrs Parker Room 204 8.30-9am  
String Quartet 1 Mr Sunderland Room 203 8.15-9am  
Stage Choir Mr Sunderland/Mrs Selwood Room 203 1.20-2pm  
Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze)

Mr Lee

Room 26 and 27 1.20-2pm  
Amnesty International Club Mr Thomas Room 17 1.20-2pm  
Badminton 'Smash Up' Mr Scott Sports Hall 1.20-2pm  
Tennis Miss Clarke Sports Hall 1.20-2pm  
Theatre Film Club Mr Skinner/Mr Torn Room 213 3.05-4.15  
Funk Band   Arc    
Space Balloon Project Ms Kaptein Room 74 3.05-4.15  
Keyboard Club Mr.Sunderland Room 204 3.05-4.15  
Creative Writing Club Miss Curle LRC 3.05-4.15  
CNS School Run Mr Watson/Mr Pratt Sports Hall 3.05-4.15  

Mr Lee







String Quartet 2 Mr.Sunderland Room 202 8.30-9
Saxophone Choir - beginners Mrs Parker Room 204 8.30-9
Wind Quartet Mrs Danby Room 204 8.30-9
Sixth Form Multi-Sports Mr Sprake Sports Hall 1.20-2
History Miss Hart Room 13 1.20-2
Chess Mr Ali Room 113 1.20-2
Tennis Miss Carolll/ Miss Clarke Courts 1.20-2
Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze) Mr Lee Room 26 and 27 1.20-2
Badminton Mr Lee Sports Hall 3.05-4.15
Music Theory Club Mrs Lorenzo-Peirson Room 204 3.05-4.15
Athletics Mr Lee/Mr Watson/Miss Clarke Field 3.05-4.15
Softball Mr Pratt Field 3.05-4.15
Team Tennis Mr Sprake Field 3.05-4.15
Lab Rats Miss Spinks Room 105 3.05-4.15
Computer Science Y10 GCSE Mr Martin Arc 3.05-4.15



Brass Band Mr Dockray Room 204 1.20-2
Geography Mr Harris/Mr Butler Room 15 1.20-2
Accelerated Reader Club Mr Wilson LRC 1.20-2
Model United Nations Ms Shirazi Room 12 1.20-2
Tennis Mrs Clarke Courts 3.05-4.15
Rounders Miss Clarke Field 3.05-4.15
Ultimate Frisbee Mr Pratt Field 3.05-4.15
Cricket Mr Watson Field 3.05-4.15
Jazz Band Mrs Selwood Arc 3.05-4.15
Farm Club Miss Anderson Science Gardens  3.05-4.15
Upper String Group Mr Miles Room 204  3.05-4.15


Philosophy Club Room 19 Mr Sayer 1.20-2
Tennis Courts Mr Watson 1,20-2
Y12/Y13 Football Sports Hall Mr Sprake 1.20-2
Christian Union Room 84 Mr Lee 1.20-2
KS3 Dance Club Gym Miss McGreevy 3.05-4.15
DT Crest Club - Silver Room 73 Ms Khan 3.05-4.15
Percussion Group Arc Mr Skinner 3.05-4.15
Orchestra Room 214 Mrs Reddington 3.05-4.15