City of Norwich School

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

CNS is now a direct licensed centre for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. 

Students can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

The DofE leader is Mr. Phil Lee. 

CNSDofE Twitter site: CNS_DofE


Expeditions 2018 – 2019

Order SILVER Date Year Group Location
1 Practice Mon 15th Oct 5.30pm - Sat 30th mar 4pm 2019 11 Suffolk 
Order BRONZE Group Date Year Group Location
2 Practice A Thurs 28th Mar 5.30pm - Sat 30th April 4pm 2019 10 Trimingham, North Norfolk
3 Practice B

Friday 5th April 8am - Sat 6th April, 4pm  2019


(Yr10 Parents' Evening Thurs 4th April)

10 Trimingham, North Norfolk
4 Assessed A Thurs 6th June 5.30pm - Sat 8th June 4pm 2019  10 Roughton Mill, North Norfolk
5 Assessed B Thurs 13th June 5.30pm - Sat 15th June 4pm 2019 10 Roughton Mill, North Norfolk

Order SILVER Date Year Group Location
6 Assessed Monday 24th June 11am - Thurs 27th June 9pm 2019 11 Derbyshire


Order GOLD Date Year Group Location
7 Practice Monday 8th July 9am - Friday 12th July 9pm 2019 12 


8 Assessed Monday 15th July 9am - Friday 19th July 9pm 2019 13