City of Norwich School

Rotary Competition Winners

Our CNS students did brilliantly at the recent Rotary Competition. 

The STEM related competition, run in Norwich, is an opportunity for schools to compete against each other in a fun day out, testing the knowledge, ingenuity, innovation, application and manual skills of students, along with their ability to work in a team. 

There are three age levels for team members - Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.  CNS entered one Year 9 group in Foundation, one Year 10 group in Intermediate and one Year 12 group in Advanced. 

All three teams did really well and were very proud of their achievements. 

Our Year 9 team came first in the Foundation category, winning a trophy and our Year 12 team came third in the Advanced category winning £10. 

Overall winners across all categories and the day were the CNS Foundation team, a brilliant achievement. 

D&T Teacher Safina Khan said:

I am a very proud teacher.  The students did so well working together as a team and supporting other teams too.