City of Norwich School

CNS celebrates Pi Day 2017

CNS students and staff celebrated Pi Day 2017 with the Great CNS Pi Off. Students and staff baked or decorated sweet or savoury pies and biscuits and brought them into school.  A lot of hard work and effort went on the pies and there were some incredible creations. 

The pies were judged by Head of School Ms.Philpott during period 2. The winners were Isis Stevens in Y11 with her fruit pie cut into fractions and Morgan Harris in Y9 with his individual home baked pies.

Pi Day was celebrated across the school from creating 'Pi-ku' poetry in English, to sphere cylinders in Science. In Music, students had the opportunity to take part in a 'Pi rap battle' and in Design and Technology, they were making clocks. 

"Pi Day is a school celebration of maths beyond the curriculum. We hope that students gain the understanding that maths doesn't just happen in the classroom, it goes beyond into the rest of the school community. Maths is everywhere." Mr.Rollison, Curriculum Leader for Maths.

 Four students also became 'Pi-oneers' for the day. Joanna, Morven, Caitlin and Scarlet did a great job representing Pi Day across the school and taking photos of the various events.